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Company dealing in the importation and distribution of foodstuffs, specializing in international products, ethnic cuisines and delicatessen for gourmet, for Spanish market.

Ofistrade's catalogue covers an extensive variety of brands and references which can be split into the following product lines:

  1. european specialties

  2. mexican and tex-mex products

  3. oriental food

  4. arab and african food

  5. beverages

  6. ethnicfoods from other origins

  7. coffee

Ofistrade has been dealing in foodstuffs for the past 50 years and at present exclusively distributes quality products and leading brands with acknowledged identity in the international market.

Ofistrade can also be distinguished by the following identity signs:

  1. solid presence in the distribution sector

  2. portfolio of customers with different volumes of consumption (large supermarkets, department stores, specialty shops, restaurants, collectivities, gourmet boutiques and dietetics shops)

  3. tradition and solvency, confirmed by suppliers and customers

  4. catalogue of products available, comprising only top brands with international prestige

  5. specialties: selection of ethnic foods, delicatessen and gourmet products for connoisseurs and those with discerning palates

  6. sales territory covering the whole Spanish territory (mainland and Balearic / Canary Islands) as well as Andorra, and with an especially high presence in tourist and foreign residents' areas.


Depending on the particular characteristics of each product, Ofistrade's range is stocked in all large, quality supermarkets and the main distribution chains operating in the spanish market.

Relevant customers of ofistrade are the most frequented and popular department stores and the major hypermarkets of the country.

Ofistrade's products are also widely stocked in first class delicatessen, health and dietetic specialty-shops throughout Spain.

Moreover, Ofistrade, who since its beginnings has been the import house most responsible for the introduction of oriental cuisine in Spain, is still nowadays a leading supplier of ethnic restaurants (chinese, japanese, tex-mex, etc.).


Ofistrade's sales force is based on its own team of salesmen who have a broad knowledge of the charcacteristicals of this food sector.

In some regions, sales are carried out by exclusive agents or distributors. Ofistrade's sales manager visits our sales personnel frequently to give support and product information and to observe them in action. This system offers a good control of the market with immediate feedback upon which to base future decisions.


All the products and services provided by Ofistrade cover the whole Spanish territory: the peninsula as well as the Balearic and Canary Island and also reaching into Andorra.

In order to ensure an effective distribution, Ofistrade operates through a independent  logistical operator, XPOLogistics (USA company), which provides prompt consignment and delivery of our orders which are carried out by our own sales force. The orders, which are processed in total compliance with the customer's request, are delivered within 24-72 hours in the all territory.